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© by Martha Wakeman, New London, CT. All rights reserved.
The Streets of Trastevere, Roma

Early mornings I would study those dark narrow timeless cobblestone streets, cobbestone pavements where generations of humanity had walked. The buildings themselves were presences in subtle shades of rich browns which varied in value and texture. The facades of the ancient apartments which had witnessed so much life were etched by time. Cool blue and lavender shadows played on the streets giving way to glowing shafts of Mediterranean light. Shapes of brilliant blue Roman sky were carved by the tiled roofs. The blues were striking, juxtaposed against the ochres, umbers, and occasional touches of reds, pinks and oranges. Morning after morning we walked treading along as had so many many others down those timeless semi darkened streets toward the pinks, toward the reds, toward the blues, toward the light.