Art & Study Retreats in Italy

Drawing & Pastel in Tuscany

Drawing or Pastel Painting
Pensione Bencistà Fiesole

Pensione Bencista
Pensione Bencistá (click image to enlarge)
Come join us for seven days of drawing and pastel painting in the hills of Tuscany. Stay at the beautiful Pensione Bencistà in Fiesole, overlooking the city of Florence. Spend mornings drawing or pastel painting on the terrace, in the gardens, or on the grounds of the villa. Savor the delicious Tuscan cuisine. Enjoy exploring the city of Florence in the afternoons; an afternoon of guided museum visits; and several evenings of lectures on Renaissance Florence.

Sunset at the Pensione Bencista
Sunset at the Pensione Bencistá
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Michelangelo spoke of “la man che ubbidisce all’intelletto,” “the hand that obeys the intellect.” Our courses in Tuscany offer an opportunity to draw and experience the landscape surrounding Florence with its luminous Mediterranean light. At the Pensione Bencistà we offer beginning to advanced instruction in the technical skill of drawing and pastel painting, and, through our rich itinerary, the deep and lasting intellectual stimulation people across the ages have experienced in Italy as they gazed on famous works of art and architecture and pondered their history.

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