Art & Study Retreats in Italy

Testimonials From Past Retreat Participants

From Danielle Murstein:

I thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Italy and the Casa Ciotti stay. The activities were a nice balance of art classes in the morning, and optional siteseeing trips in the afternoon. The landscapes were gorgeous, and the supportive teaching environment unique. Casa Ciotti was warm, welcoming, and fun. The food is great, and Josephina’s hospitality also. I feel that I got a chance to see more of “real” Italy without being in the usual tourist track, and appreciated the tremendous amount of thought and planning that went into the choice and scheduling of events.

From Tom Proulx:

I signed up for a class and I got an experience of a lifetime. Marty‚Äôs informal, yet structured, approach to teaching helped me to advance quickly from a beginner to an intermediate level pastel student—giving me a sense of accomplishment much greater than I ever thought possible in a ten-day period. The camaraderie of the group and the rich experiences we shared spurred many of us to create works that were not only highly personal expressions, but served also as a collective visual testament to the depth and quality of this remarkable class, its vibrant and stimulating setting(s) and the special gifts of its extraordinary teacher. I want to push the rewind button and replay the whole trip over and over and over again.

From Barbara Kleutsch:

Beyond the pure delight of touring Italy on a thoroughly-researched, carefully-chosen and smoothly-executed itinerary, we came away truly enriched by the insights and inspiration with which Bob Proctor and Martha Wakeman infused each day. Their passion for the country’s arts and culture is infectious—Italy glows vividly in their company, and in our memory.

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